There’s something brewing special in Texas and it just isn’t steak. Over the last 15 years Austin Texas has become a technological giant. More and more companies are moving to Austin and people want to know why. It has become a hub of technology and many engineers, scientists, startup types and programmers are all flocking to Austin. Not only are more jobs being created in this industry, more entrepreneurs are choosing the city to be where they develop their ideas. So there’s a lot going on in the city especially for people who were in the field of technology.

Not only is it known for its industries and businesses that are the technological nature. Is also known for other forms of entrepreneurship as well. More and more specialty shops are being started, more niche type stores are being built and is truly becoming a transformed place. When most people think of Texas they don’t take about technology or all these things that you will find Austin but in some ways where other than Texas when you find this type of hungry entrepreneurship. Hard workers, people who are willing to risk it all on a dream? Where other than Texas is actually part of the fabric of the people is something they are born knowing to respect and to chase their entire life. Only in Texas is this where these ideas can truly flourish. Some might say that the culture and Austin is a lot better than San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. The people here are more down to earth, they focus on ideas that truly matter, they don’t lose their head in the clouds and they just get the job done. It’s very Texan to get the job done and to push through and to handle what needs to be done.

So the city has had a lot of growth over the last 20 years or so and has all been for the better. The city has become one of the top ones in the world. People come in from all over the world just to attend the SXSW festival. Every year the city becomes more popular, more people move here, more businesses decide to come here, more entrepreneurs come here, more startups are created and more people are realizing that there’s something special down here and they want to be a part of it right now.